Real-Time Streaming ETL / ELT

Make the move to real time with a fully orchestrated, drag and drop, no-code UI. Experience rapid deployment, powerful transformations and scalable streaming data pipelines with a few clicks.

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Equalum's continuous data integration platform is the only solution that natively supports all data integration use cases under one, unified platform with zero coding:

- Streaming ETL / EtLT / ELT

- Replication

- Batch ETL / ELT

- Change Data Capture

Equalum’s powerful, next-gen data integration technology enables data teams to make the move to real-time seamlessly with pre-configured sources and targets, a drag and drop flow builder, comprehensive library of transformations, powerful multi-modal Change Data Capture methods and more.

With Kafka and Spark under the hood and fully managed, best in class, real-time stream processing is achieved without hours of endless code.

End to end data monitoring, alerting and management allows for immediate visibility into system health and data pipeline success.

How Equalum Helps

Equalum eliminates the complexity that often plagues legacy Data Integration tools by enabling your critical use cases in a centralized, no-code platform. Data teams can deploy Equalum and have their first, real-time use case implemented in less than an hour. Equalum leverages it comprehensive Change Data Capture and initial capture capabilities to continuously access data in real-time, track changes and apply various transformations before loading it to your target (ETL). Equalum can also stream data in real-time for replication scenarios and load to your target before transformations are applied (ELT).

Equalum's real-time, Streaming ETL / ELT capabilities enable:

  • Real-Time Data feeding Analytic and BI Tools
  • Continuous Data for your Data Warehouse
  • Continuous Data for your Data Lake
  • Application Integration
  • Streaming Event Generation
  • Real-time Event Publication
Your Equalum Advantage

Flexible Deployment

On-Prem, SaaS or Hybrid - Equalum can operate anywhere in your Data Architecture

Ease of Use

No-code UI plus drag and drop flows canvas makes building powerful data pipelines quick and simple

Best In Class Performance

With Kafka and Spark under the hood plus Equalum's Change Data Capture library, real-time streaming exceeds latency and throughput requirements.

Cost Savings

Legacy Data Integration for various use cases (Tool 1: Replication, Tool 2: Streaming ETL...etc) can be combined into one, unified Solution with Equalum. Data teams also become more productive and efficient, and empowered to focus on what matters most.


Scale Equalum as your business grows. Leverage Streaming ETL now and other capabilities as new use cases arise. Protect your Data Integration from disruption and tool sprawl with a single, unified solution.

Modern, Next-Gen Technology

Equalum's modern infrastructure allows for easy connection to any source, rapid transformations, and unmatched power and performance.

Enterprise-Grade | Fully Orchestrated

Pre-configured and out of the box for immediate ROI.


Leading Global Manufacturer Enables Real-Time Dashboards for Customers

THE PROBLEM: Supply Chain Analytics and Product Availability Dashboards offer real time insights into areas needing attention and business opportunity. Equalum's Global Manufacturing Customer wanted to offer these dashboards as an up-sell to their other services, however their legacy data integration system took over a week to process each load of critical business data from its customers. Analytics were outdated and not valuable and real-time seemingly impossible.

Data was being pulled and correlated from 16 different data sources with approximately 120 data manipulation steps applied. Additionally, large swaths of data were being pushed to the cloud and then transformed (ELT), leading to heavy cloud uptime costs and exceeding the revenue they would be earning for the new product offerings. To make matters worse, their customer onboarding environment also required multiple team members to execute, wasn’t scalable nor self service and was costing the company too much investment to make it viable.

THE SOLUTION: Equalum was brought in to seamlessly ingest data in real-time from their wide array of sources, transform it and push accurate, reliable data to AI/BI tools for actionable insights. The manufacturer leveraged Equalum’s powerful change data capture capabilities, comprehensive Streaming ETL plus batch ETL to optimize their architecture and process growing data loads quickly and reliably. Real-time dashboards were enabled for their customers and the new product offering optimized.


  • 15x System Performance Improvement
  • 10x Cost Savings
  • 300% Improvement in Data Team Productivity
  • Scalable, Self-Service System in Place

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