Unlock the Power of Spark and Kafka

The power of open source big data frameworks – without the hassle

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Use Case

Harness the scalability of Apache Spark, Kafka and other key open source data projects in a fully-managed environment – no installation, configuration, or maintenance required.

How Equalum Helps

Open-source big data frameworks offer infinite scalability. But they’re unwieldy to implement in-house, requiring Scala expertise –and even with the right engineering talent in place, open-source implementation challenges may range from performance tuning to cluster size auto-scaling to redundancy and recovery.

Equalum leverages Spark and Kafka, with no installation, configuration, or coding required, in a fully-managed, end-to-end solution. Our platform can be used to stream data from any source (databases, legacy applications, log files) to centralized data stores like EDWs or data lakes – the instant it is created.

The Equalum Difference


No Scala required; best-in-class security, monitoring, fault tolerance, and availability without a single line of code.


Plug-and-play integration; breakthrough use of CDC creates minimal system strain on underlying data sources.


Built with Spark and Kafka; supports streaming between any number of sources and targets in real-time.

Open Source Scalability – Without the Hassle

A Fortune 100 manufacturing company upgraded its existing batch processes with Equalum’s open source-harnessing technology – and saw a 15x performance in improvement without a single line of Scala code.

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