WEBINAR VIDEO - The Why & How of Streaming-First Data Architectures

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Organizations build streaming-first architectures to enable real-time decision making, reduce cost, increase scale and accelerate applications.

But challenges abound. Data teams must carefully scope their use cases, select the right technologies, and streamline processes while still integrating heterogeneous endpoints.

Presenters Nir Livneh
, Founder & CEO, Equalum, and Kevin Petrie, VP of Research with Eckerson Group walk us through Streaming-First Data Architectures.

In this Webinar, you will explore:

  • The history and context of batch-only data architectures
  • The benefits, challenges and adoption patterns for a Streaming-First approach
  • How to build a Streaming-First architecture and its components
  • Guiding principles to consider along your streaming journey
  • How Equalum can optimize your approach

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