VIDEO - TDWI & Equalum | Using an Enterprise Integration Fabric For Modern Data Integration

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Equalum and TDWI partnered to bring this comprehensive webinar covering Modern Data Integration.

Decades-old techniques for data integration are rapidly becoming obsolete as organizations adopt hybrid architectures to support modern real-time analytics and machine learning projects. Whether you need to synchronize data across on-premises/cloud boundaries, integrate data from SaaS/PaaS providers, or ingest and process streaming data in real time, the traditional extract, transform, and load (ETL) approach is insufficient to enable real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics. In this webinar, we discuss how traditional data integration may be impeding modern analytics and explore new ideas for using an enterprise integration fabric to modernize data integration.


  • Assess the scope of enterprise data integration
  • Categorize data access use cases
  • Establish data integration SLAs to support modern architectures
  • Integrate new techniques for ETL and change data capture (CDC)
  • Leverage visualization and low-code/no-code methods to simplify data integration development

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