VIDEO RECAP - Design Tradeoffs for Data Architects | Eckerson Group & Equalum

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In this lively discussion between Wayne Eckerson (President - Eckerson Group) and Equalum’s CEO Nir Livneh, they explored the vital components for building robust, flexible data pipelines and successful data ingestion and integration. They walked through the various design choices that data architects need to consider when creating a modern data management environment.

Among the top considerations were when to choose...

  • Throughput versus latency
  • Batch versus streaming
  • Replication versus transformation
  • Graphical versus hand coding
  • Full refresh versus change data capture
  • Data warehouses versus data lakes
  • On premises versus cloud systems (or multi-cloud)
  • Transactional systems versus event-driven systems
  • Structured versus complex data

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VIDEO RECAP - Design Tradeoffs for Data Architects: Optimizing Data Ingestion and Integration Workflows | with Equalum & Eckerson Group

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