WEBINAR VIDEO - Architecting your Streaming Data Ingestion Systems for 2020 and Beyond | Equalum & 451 Research

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2020 has proven that organizations will need to quickly adapt to dynamic shifts on the volume and the velocity of data coming from “new normal” conditions and new data sources. Cloud data migration, real-time machine data ingestion, and other top trends initiated in the 2010s are likely to go through a period of rapid expansion in the 2020s. Is your current data ingestion architecture ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead? Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Nir Livneh, CEO and Founder of Equalum, discussed how to build your next-generation data ingestion systems.

Key Topics Covered:

• Deciding whether batch-only data ingestion platforms (ETL) still make sense
• Dissecting the role of streaming-first architectures
• Defining best practices for streaming data ingestion
• Learning how to build your streaming data ingestion strategy with simplicity and low risk

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Webinar from 451 Research & Equalum | How to Architect Your Streaming Data Ingestion Systems

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