Survey Results: The State of Data Collection & Integration (2021 Review)

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Over the course of 2021, organizations driving digital transformation initiatives struggled with an increase in data formats/types, addition of modern source systems with a greater frequency of updates, new data warehouses and an influx of data. IT teams were left to find solutions to this growing web of data complexity, and often in real-time. In this comprehensive survey completed by OMDIA, respondents were polled on their data integration pains, approaches and strategies for success as a retrospective look at 2021.

Survey Highlights:

  • Exploration of primary pain points as companies look to modernize their Data Architecture & Data Integration approach
  • Data collection and integration methods used to scale and future-proof
  • Data Integration Trends across industries in 2021
  • Cloud Migration and Usage Trends in 2021
  • Adoption rates and criteria for Real Time Streaming

Respondents were surveyed with a series of questions around Data Modernization, Data Collection and Data Integration.

Survey respondents were IT decision makers at leading organizations around the globe.

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