SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: Strategic Foundations for a Modern, Cloud-First Approach

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According to Gartner, more than 75% of organizations currently have a Cloud-First data strategy. 92% of those have a multi-cloud strategy either in place or underway. But as businesses rely more on hyper-cloud platforms and data driven decision making to meet mission critical objectives, the need for real-time streaming data, zero-downtime, faster time to value (TTV) and accurate, reliable data is all the more critical. Add to the mix the complexity of multiple data integration technologies beneath the surface, a lack of in-house technical resources and pressing timelines, and the challenges to achieving a successful Cloud First strategy can feel untenable.

Primenet and Equalum have joined forces to accelerate successful digital transformation initiatives for their customers. Primenet’s tailored IT solutions and team of expert IT support engineers now leverage Equalum’s next-gen, continuous data integration platform to modernize data integration infrastructure quickly, and simplify the digital transformation journey. Companies can focus on what they do best while Primenet and Equalum optimize, deploy and manage a modern, scalable IT foundation.

Join us for a Solution Spotlight where we'll explore

  • Cloud Migration Use Cases - Challenges & Optimization Strategies from Customers
  • Core Components for successful Digital Transformation
  • Strategies to drive scalability, ease of use and future-proof systems


Strategic Foundations for a Modern, Cloud-First Approach

Tuesday, April 26th

1-2pm BST (British Standard Time)


Tony Smith | Commercial Director | Primenet

With over 30 years in Sales Leadership and IT, Tony has led teams successfully through the rapid rise of digital channels, emergence of cloud computing and in navigating the evolving rules of customer engagement in increasing and diversely regulated environments. At Primenet, he manages the comprehensive portfolio of IT Solutions including cyber security, networking, cloud storage and cloud platforms, and is a specialist in deploying innovative technologies that extend the art of what's possible.

Dabier Miya | Sales Director - EMEA | Equalum

Formerly an engineer, Dabier transitioned into the world of SaaS / Tech exactly 20 years ago.During his career he has remained technology agnostic and has a wealth of experience across ITSM, Cyber Security, Cloud Identity Management as well as running his own SaaS sales development startup. What has been consistent throughout his career is how data is one of the most valuable assets an enterprise can have and how, utilized in the right way, can have a tremendous impact on its success.

John Landells | Sales Engineer - EMEA | Equalum

As a highly experienced Solutions Engineer and former developer, John has been working in the IT-industry since pre-Internet times! Over this period, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge around integration and automation, as well as how data can be used as a business differentiator, in the right hands! John has been recognized multiple times across various organizations as someone who demonstrates excellence and insight in his customer interactions.


Equalum’s continuous data integration platform is the only solution that natively supports all data integration use cases under one, unified platform with zero coding. The Platform's offers next-gen Change Data Capture (CDC), Real-Time Streaming ETL/ELT and batch ETL capabilities in addition high availability with failover protection, automated initial capture and CDC, easy bulk replications, native cloud support and a broad array of pre-configured sources and targets. Data teams go from 0 to basic knowledge in a few days, with their first use case ready to use in less than an hour. Experience data integration simplified

Primenet offers tailored IT solutions and 24/7/365, international support, along with an industry-leading team of IT support engineers delivering all the specialist services that organisations need. With a range of trusted IT services, from support to security to maintenance, Primenet enables businesses to focus on what they do best. For more information, visit

SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: Strategic Foundations for a Modern, Cloud-First Approach
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