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Coverage Initiation: Equalum aims to equalize the odds for real-time data integration at scale

APRIL 24 2020

By Paige Bartley | 451 Research (now a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence)

The data integration category is not new, and many popular options have architecture spanning
back 20+ years, to a time when modern scale and velocity of data would have been difficult to
foresee. Common challenges today include sheer volume and demand for real-time functionality.
Equalum was architected to meet these demands, using an open source foundation to deliver rapid
and scalable integration.

This report covers:

  • 451's Perspectives on Equalum's Platform capabilities
  • The lengthy challenge of architecting open source frameworks into stable enterprise-scale systems versus the more immediate benefits of implementing a drag and drop UI like Equalum
  • How Equalum leverages Apache Spark and Kafka with dedicated orchestration, ongoing management and connectivity.
  • Equalum’s democratization of enterprise-scale data integration

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