OMDIA Report: Harnessing Streaming Data Integration to Become a Data-Driven Enterprise

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The digital age is upon us. Large and small enterprises alike are transforming their practices. In multiple recent polls, IT leaders indicated that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic they actually accelerated their digital transformation. This requires IT leaders within organizations to update their digital tools and develop improved technical abilities.

While technology availability enables transformation strategies, all digital transformation requires data as a key ingredient. The focus on data requires a more robust data architecture to track and make sense of customer behavior, market conditions, spending
trends, and resource usage.. With the goal of making better decisions, these tools allow for detailed monitoring of operations, understanding customer behaviors, mining customer purchasing, and researching market needs.

With the development of modern data stream management tools, data will be collected broadly and deeply across many applications, putting new demands on data architectures and storage. With this new dependence on data, current collection methods will be stressed, and project timeframes compressed as organizations will need to adjust to new requirements quickly.

As organizations do more with data, modern ETL and data stream integration are quickly coming front-and-center as key capabilities.

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