Overcoming the Challenges of Modern, Multi-Modal CDC by EMA

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Our modern digital world changes the requirements for platforms that interconnect complex data ecosystems for the purpose of interoperability. The need for immediate, intelligent responses to business events is now paramount. Leading organizations are already utilizing streaming change data capture technology to capture, transform, and ingest data into both data lakes and analytic warehouses.

In this White Paper written by John Santaferraro of ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA), the emergence of modern, multi-modal CDC is explored as the answer to growing complexity and changing requirements. Multi-modal means that a single platform manages:

  • all data types (i.e., structured and semi-structured)
  • all data latencies (i.e., real-time and batch)
  • all data processing types (i.e., replication
    and ETL)
  • in all locations (i.e., multi-cloud and hybrid).

Modern indicates that it includes orchestration and automation of complex data pipelines. In addition, it is simple to deploy, easy
to use, highly performant, highly scalable, agile for changing requirements, reliable to the point of unbreakable, and it evolves with lasting open-source projects.

In this White Paper, EMA identifies the top seven challenges of data replication and transformation in complex data ecosystems that modern, multi-modal CDC addresses.

Overcoming the Challenges of Modern, Multi-Modal CDC by EMA and Equalum

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