Equalum Data Integration + Streaming Platform

Enterprise-Grade Data
Integration & Streaming Platform

Equalum is the leading data integration and real-time streaming platform, effectively combining batch and streaming
data solutions with modern data transformation and manipulation capabilities

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How Our Platform Works

Meet Your New Enterprise-Grade, Real-Time, End to End Data Ingestion Platform

Equalum’s enterprise-grade, real-time data ingestion architecture provides an end-to-end solution for collecting, transforming, manipulating, and synchronizing data – helping organizations rapidly utilize change data capture (CDC) and ETL tools. Equalum securely & efficiently moves data (in real-time or batch), combining our unique data ingestion capabilities with the power of leading open source projects.

With Equalum, you can build and deploy new data pipelines in minutes. With no coding required and an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI, a wide range of technical and business users can easily configure, maintain, and derive insights from Equalum’s platform.

Equalum’s powerful, native solution facilitates all of the core, modern architectural use cases:

In addition to its native data ingestion modules, the Equalum platform leverages the power of Apache Spark and Kafka, among other cutting-edge open source technologies valued for their scalability and innovation. All components run in a fully-managed and orchestrated DataOps environment that requires minimal installation, configuration, and coding of individual software components.

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Fully Orchestrated and Managed by Equalum

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Why Equalum

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Enterprise Grade

Manage all your data pipelines in a single data ingestion platform

Equalum supports the entire data ingestion development cycle from basic pipeline creation to massive operationalization. The platform provides comprehensive monitoring and execution metrics for all data pipelines in the system. Equalum guarantees delivery of data from end to end with best-in-class security, reliability and availability.

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Speed and Scalability

Scale your data pipelines to handle any volume and speed of data

Equalum harnesses the scalability of open source data frameworks such as Spark and Kafka to dramatically improve the performance of streaming and batch data processes – enabling organizations to increase data volumes while improving performance and minimizing system impact.

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Self Service & Zero-Coding

Develop and deploy all your pipelines from an easy to use, single pane of glass interface

Equalum allows for all data pipeline logic to be created using a drag & drop GUI, easily integrating new data sources. This radically improves the productivity of ETL, data engineering, data operations, and analytics teams. With Equalum streaming and batch data pipelines are built and deployed in minutes instead of days or weeks.

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Batch + Stream Data Processing

Support all your data ingestion use cases with powerful CDC and replication capabilities

Equalum provides full support for batch as well as continuous/real-time data ingestion. Using advanced change data capture features, Equalum streams data in real-time, making it available for immediate analytics and decision making. Equalum also detects, acts and alerts on data schema modifications.

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Robust Data Transformations

Go beyond CDC and data replication with sophisticated ETL-like capabilities

Equalum provides data transformation and manipulation capabilities that go well beyond replication, including source data modification, data computations, and correlation with other data sources. Equalum provides a large number of operators for data transformations, lookups, filtering, aggregations, joins, and enrichments.

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Seamless Integration with Minimum Overhead

Connect to all your data sources and targets with minimum operational impact

Equalum connects and collects data using one of the most efficient change data capture libraries in the market and supporting a large number of sources and targets, some unique to Equalum. The reliability and richness of the Equalum CDC solution means significant performance advantage in a multi-pipeline environment – along with massive overhead reduction on the source systems.

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Comprehensive Support for Open Source

Take advantage of the latest open source innovations in a risk-free environment

Equalum’s foundation utilizes open source components for specialized and functions. Equalum hides all open source complexities from users by providing an innovative platform that is fully managed, optimized and upgraded by Equalum.

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Flexible Deployment: On-Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid

Run your data pipelines anywhere you need them

With Equalum there are no platform limitations. Our platform is trusted by Global 500 companies for on on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. This makes it an ideal platform for customers considering a phased migration to the cloud.

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Autonomous Data Exploration

Increase productivity and minimize errors with automated data ingestion

Assisted by machine learning technology, Equalum offers a fully integrated, customizable framework for users to do advanced data exploration as part of the ETL design process.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Equalum has redefined how we architect our data system."

"Before, once a day, we would go and grab data. Now, a vast majority of the time, we are actively scanning for new data to come in. As much as possible, we try not to wait for a person to tell us the data is there. We actually actively go out and get it whenever we can. That is a big change for us."


- Reviewer 1530513 | Senior Software Engineer at a retailer with 201-500 employees

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