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The Next Wave of Cloud Migrations Needs Data Streaming

by Equalum

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May 12, 2020 7:26pm


by Kevin Petrie | Eckerson Group

COVID-19 steepened the cloud adoption curve this spring as Cloud Service Providers absorbed Super Bowl-like traffic spikes. Businesses went virtual, office workers became teleworkers and Zoom boomed.

In fact, Cloud adoption is one curve that will not flatten anytime soon, because COVID-19 unleashed several growth drivers. More business leaders now recognize cloud infrastructure and applications as methods of survival, ensuring business continuity if a resurgent COVID-19 disrupts future operations. Many also created virtual business models during the lockdown that expand their longer-term addressable markets. In addition, telework will persist as organizations recognize the benefits for employee safety, productivity and retention.


The Next Wave of Cloud Migrations Needs Data Streaming

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