VIDEO RECAP: Doing Data Right - Nailing Streaming & Change Data Capture

by Caroline Maier

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September 11, 2021 6:11am


The pressure on today's information systems continues to increase, forging new and innovative architectures that harness the power of parallel processing. Technologies like streaming and change-data-capture aren't new, but they are enjoying a renaissance in this new world of distributed systems. If orchestrated properly, the combination of these tools, especially streamlined options that simplify the process, is remarkable.

In this episode of The Briefing Room with Eric Kavanaugh (Bloor Group) hear Analyst Yves Mulkers of 7wData explain why a killer combo of streaming and CDC can usher in a new generation of scale-out solutions. He'll be joined by Vinayak Dave of Equalum, who will demonstrate how Equalum's end to end Data Integration Platform provides:

  • end-to-end visibility for data processing at-scale, enabling a host of benefits, including:
  • avoiding duplicate data
  • enabling real-time analytics
  • improving data quality
  • harmonizing cloud and on-prem
  • optimizing batch processing

Doing Data Right - Nailing Streaming & Change Data Capture



Yves Mulkers - Founder, 7wData

Yves is a Data strategist, specialized in Data Integration.He has a wide focus on business performance and is a domain expert in Data Management.Yves helps companies build their vision, strategy and roadmap to data Walhalla.Yves is recognized as a top 10 influencer in Big Data, AI, Cloud and digital transformation and brings all his knowledge on emerging technologies and capabilities into the game on both client side and on B2B marketing strategy for Data Brands. See LinkedIn Profile

Vinayak Dave - Professional Services Manager, Equalum
Seasoned data professional with extensive experience in Data Integration, on a variety of RDBMS and all major Hadoop ecosystems and cloud targets like Snowflake to deliver new wave analytics. See LinkedIn Profile

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Bloor Group, Equalum and Yves Mulkers discuss Data Integration at Scale

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