VIDEO RECAP - Navigating the Tectonic Shift In Data Ingestion & Integration

by Caroline Maier

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October 08, 2020 11:53am


SLAs, budgets, analytic approaches and forecasting continues to evolve as the data and economic sands beneath us shift. Sure...we’ve all been doing data integration and data ingestion for the past 30 years but a lot has changed. Powering interoperability, architectures with multi-modal flexibility for ingestion and analytics and multi-cloud approaches are key in creating something you won’t regret 5 years down the road. CDOs need to treat data migration, replication and ETL as ongoing expenses. You will always need to move data between platforms to meet evolving analytics requirements, optimize workloads, capitalize on new platform capabilities, accommodate new data sources, etc. There will be no steady state with a consolidated, single source of truth.


We explored

  • The evolution from Business Intelligence -> Predictive Analytics and impacts on Data Ingestion
  • Why You Should Care
  • Navigating the resulting shifts in Ingestion and Integration
  • The Tools You Need for a Multi-Modal Approach

We’ll also cover:

  • Data Warehouse to Data Lake to Hybrid Models
  • Batch to Streaming to Hybrid
  • Reactive vs Operational vs Predictive Analytics
  • Interoperability and Multi Cloud Ingestion
  • Data Consumers and their respective needs

Moderators Nir Livneh - CEO & Founder of Equalum (best in class Data Ingestion & Integration Platform) and Wayne Eckerson - President | Eckerson Group discussed solutions and strategies for success.


Wayne Eckerson | President - Eckerson Group
Wayne Eckerson is an internationally recognized thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field. He is a sought-after consultant and noted speaker who thinks critically, writes clearly and presents persuasively about complex topics. Eckerson has conducted many groundbreaking research studies, chaired numerous conferences, and written two widely read books: “The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders.”(2012) and “Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business” (2005/2010). LinkedIn Profile

Nir Livneh - CEO and Founder of Equalum

Nir Livneh | CEO & Founder of Equalum
Nir Livneh is a thought leader with over 20 years of experience in Big Data architecture and performance. He led product management at Quest Software (Acquired by Dell) for all Big Data products. Nir also led Big Data architecture projects at the Israeli Military Intelligence unit (Equivalent to NSA). He is currently a member of the Forbes Technology Council. LinkedIn Profile

Navigating the Tectonic Shift In Data Ingestion & Integration
Strategic Imperatives for Moving to a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Modal Architecture
A Live Discussion with Eckerson Group & Equalum

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