TDWI Spotlight Talk: Designing a Future-Proof Enterprise Level Data Integration Strategy

by Caroline Maier

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March 02, 2021 6:56pm


Although most organizations are aware of the importance of establishing a data strategy, many struggle to identify a realistic set of goals or where to start. This event for data leaders provides expert guidance and best practices for establishing an enterprise data strategy tailored specifically for your business. Join Equalum at our booth at TDWI's Executive Summit on March 16th and 17th. We will have team members there to answer questions about the platform, share resources and host one on one meetings.

Equalum's CRO, Moti Beharav, was chosen to present a Spotlight Talk: Designing a Future-Proof, Enterprise-Level Data Integration Strategy | Design Trade-Offs and Core Components You Can't Ignore.



An exclusive virtual gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers.

This is no ordinary Summit. Attendees are asked to complete the TDWI Data Strategy Assessment, developed for this event, to understand their strengths and weaknesses in data strategy. They can use the report from the assessment during the Summit, to help them develop a realistic data strategy based on achievable objectives and best practices.

Apply to attend the complimentary TDWI Executive Program and hear directly from the expert professionals who developed the assessment, learn the right way to interpret your results, and receive practical advice on the path forward for your enterprise data strategy.


All attendees of the TDWI Executive Program for Data Strategy will take the assessment prior to the event, receive their personalized results, and be provided with the Data Strategy Assessment Guide. At the live event, expert speakers from TDWI research and the TDWI faculty will explain how to act on this information.

A keynote from TDWI research will present trends and opportunities in data strategy development and provide emerging best practices based on our latest quantitative research. Expert speakers will share aggregate assessment results, provide detailed advice on how to interpret your own results, and show you the best way to forge a data strategy tailored to your business. Case study speakers will provide on-the-ground insights, and roundtable sessions will provide interactive forums for more information.


The full participation package will only be available to qualified business and IT decision makers.

To qualify for complimentary attendance, you must:

  • Meet job title requirements listed below
  • Complete the Data Strategy Readiness Assessment prior to the event

Equalum gives Spotlight Talk at TDWI Executive Summit on Data Strategy - March 2021

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