VIDEO RECAP | Office Hours | Latency Considerations in Streaming Data Ingestion and CDC

by Caroline Maier

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July 07, 2020 7:30am


In a world where real-time ingestion and analytics is king, latency is like a band of rebels trying to systematically infiltrate your defenses...and they’re persistent. Latency can happen when a CDC read bottleneck occurs, but it can also be present without due to performance capabilities of various tools within your architecture. The ripple effects can be significant. You also have to consider your sources and final targets (resting place) and how to optimize for each, ensuring peak performance and high throughput.

In this session, we discussed:

  • The Role Latency plays in Streaming Data and Modern, Multi-Modal Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Considerations for Data Ingestion in Batch or Near Real-Time
  • Design Challenges & Solutions to Ensure Low Latency
  • Optimizing Sources and Final Targets for Data
  • Ability to grow and parallelize to accommodate current and future needs

July 2020

Equalum Office Hours: Latency Considerations in Streaming Data Ingestion and CDC

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