VIDEO RECAP | Office Hours | Simplifying Rest API Access to SaaS Products

by Caroline Maier

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August 27, 2020 8:27am


Data access through REST APIs has become ubiquitous with SaaS products like Salesforce, Facebook, Google and other web services, facilitating integration and augmentation of data with enterprise applications, real time analytics and real time reporting. While many applications and web services have ample documentation to allow for “easy” access to the SaaS platform data through REST API, developing ingestion processes to access data from hundreds of REST APIs can be both time intensive and error prone. In this Office Hours event, we will show you how to easily ingest data from and push data to REST APIs from popular SaaS system. Learn how to seamlessly integrate dozens of downstream and upstream enterprise applications with the platform’s no-code UI.

We explored:

  • Accessing SaaS application like Salesforce using the REST API
  • Live examples of defining REST APIs ingestion from Applications and Web Services Such as Google Maps and Weather
  • Enhancing your data with data from REST API calls
  • Updating applications using the REST API calls

Presenter: Alton Dinsmore, Senior Data Architect, Equalum

Alton is a data veteran (Oracle, Dell EMC, MariaDB and more) with over 40 years of design and architect experience around enterprise data solutions and applications. He has helped many companies implement successful projects around large data, high performance, large number of users, large number of transactions, clustering, as well as high availability and disaster recovery. Alton has led engineering teams, projects, and data operations, helping companies redesign or improve upon implementation to achieve their desired objectives.

Office Hours | September 10, 2020

Simplifying REST API Access to SaaS Products | Access Virtually Any System Including SaaS Products Like Salesforce

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