Equalum at Kafka Summit Americas

by Caroline Maier

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September 09, 2021 9:54am


Discover The World Of Event Streaming & How to Harness Kafka with Equalum's No-Code UI

Stop by Equalum's booth at the Kafka Summit - Americas on September 14 and 15th to learn more about the open source framework (Kafka and Spark) built into our Platform engine and no-code UI. Enjoy all of the benefits of Kafka without the headache of management, configuration, monitoring and alerting. Plus, with Equalum you have access to our extensive CDC library and change data capture capabilities - end to end and our enterprise grade stream processing capabilities.

Let our Kafka experts do the heavy lifting for you.

For those data architects, data experts, data engineers and professionals who want to learn more about streaming, this event is a great place to start. If you want to learn how to make the move to streaming easier, or how to optimize your streaming capabilities quickly, then come by our booth or better yet..schedule a demo.


Equalum sponsors Kafka Summit Americas

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