VIDEO RECAP | Eckerson & Equalum | Driving Real Time Operations with Change Data Capture

by Caroline Maier

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April 01, 2021 9:43am


Eckerson Group & Equalum hosted a live discussion with Eckerson Analyst - Kevin Petrie and Equalum CEO, Nir Livneh.

Modern business depends on real-time data integration. Sales, finance, HR, and other operations need to synchronize records across applications, departments, enterprises, regions, and clouds. Real-time data integration also supports data analytics that trigger operational actions such as customer recommendations, proactive maintenance, and fraud detection. Change data capture (CDC) technology is the gateway to enabling real-time events on complex operational systems. This webinar will explore the requirements, use cases, and guiding principles for driving real-time operations with CDC.

You'll Learn About:

  • What role CDC plays in hybrid, heterogeneous environments
  • Why you need CDC for real-time operations
  • How to architect effective CDC pipelines


Meet the Speakers

Kevin Petrie | VP of Research @Eckerson Group
For 25 years Kevin has deciphered what technology means to practitioners, as an industry analyst, writer, instructor, marketer, and services leader. Kevin launched, built, and led a profitable data services team for EMC Pivotal in the Americas and EMEA, and ran field training at the data integration software provider Attunity (now part of Qlik). A frequent public speaker and co-author of two books on data streaming, Kevin also is a data management instructor at eLearningCurve.

Nir Livneh | Founder & CEO @Equalum

Nir is a thought leader with over 20 years of experience in Big Data architecture and performance. He led Product Management at Quest software (acquired by Dell) for all Big Data products. Nir also led Big Data architecture projects at the Israeli Military Intelligence Unit (equivalent to the NSA). He is currently a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

WEBINAR | Eckerson & Equalum | Driving Real Time Operations with Change Data Capture

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