VIDEO RECAP | Design Tradeoffs for Data Architects: Optimizing Data Ingestion and Integration Workflows

by Caroline Maier

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August 28, 2020 12:45pm


Are you serious about designing an architecture that supports the creation of robust, flexible data pipelines? Do you want to hear experts discuss various approaches to data ingestion, data integration, and the tradeoffs among them? In this live discussion, Equalum’s CEO Nir Livneh and Wayne Eckerson (President - Eckerson Group) will walk you through a variety of design choices that data architects need to consider when creating a modern data management environment. Our open-ended discussion format will allow for ample opportunity to ask and resolve all of your data design questions.



We discussed when to choose:

  • Throughput versus latency
  • Batch versus streaming
  • Replication versus transformation
  • Graphical versus hand coding
  • Full refresh versus change data capture

We will also explored the design tradeoffs involved in supporting:

  • Data warehouses versus data lakes
  • On premises versus cloud systems
  • Transactional systems versus event-driven systems
  • Structured versus complex data


Wayne Eckerson | President - Eckerson Group

Wayne Eckerson is an internationally recognized thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field. He is a sought-after consultant and noted speaker who thinks critically, writes clearly and presents persuasively about complex topics. Eckerson has conducted many groundbreaking research studies, chaired numerous conferences, and written two widely read books: “The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders.”(2012) and “Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business” (2005/2010). LinkedIn Profile

Nir Livneh - CEO and Founder of Equalum

Nir Livneh | CEO & Founder of Equalum

Nir Livneh is a thought leader with over 20 years of experience in Big Data architecture and performance. He led product management at Quest Software (Acquired by Dell) for all Big Data products. Nir also led Big Data architecture projects at the Israeli Military Intelligence unit (Equivalent to NSA). He is currently a member of the Forbes Technology Council. LinkedIn Profile

Office Hours with Equalum & Eckerson - September 15, 2020

Design Tradeoffs for Data Architects: Optimizing Data Ingestion and Integration Workflows

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