OFFICE HOURS | May 27 @ 11am PST | Cloud Data Migration from Legacy Data Platforms to Snowflake

by Caroline Maier

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May 11, 2020 12:48pm


Equalum is proud to be technical partners with Snowflake

How to Move Streaming Data to Snowflake in Real-Time: Equalum Office Hours

Wednesday, May 27th
11am-11:40am (PST)

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is well known for running complex analytical queries in a fraction of the time conventional on-premises and cloud data platforms require. In addition to extremely fast analytical processing, any modern data analytics platform must ingest data in real-time from structured databases and a large number of multi-structured sources. Join our 40-year data veteran, Alton Dinsmore, on an interactive discussion on how to replicate data to Snowflake with extremely low latency and high throughput.

During our live 40-minute office hour session, you will learn

  • How to connect a wide range of streaming data sources to Snowflake
  • How to create real-time data pipelines and replication scenarios with a simple drag-and-drop UI
  • How to obtain major productivity gains and reduce complexities by deploying a data ingestion environment for Snowflake in minutes, instead of hours or months


  • 20-minute overview session about Equalum supporting Snowflake data ingestion
  • Live Q&A session during which we will answer any questions you have about how to support your Snowflake data ingestion needs

    Presenter: Alton Dinsmore, Senior Data Architect, Equalum

    Alton is a data veteran (Oracle, Dell EMC, MariaDB and more) with over 40 years of design and architect experience around enterprise data solutions and applications. He has helped many companies implement successful projects around large data, high performance, large number of users, large number of transactions, clustering, as well as high availability and disaster recovery. Alton has led engineering teams, projects, and data operations, helping companies redesign or improve upon implementation to achieve their desired objectives.

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