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Equalum is an extremely scalable and comprehensive Data Ingestion Platform that combines:

  • Advanced Change Data Capture (CDC) Ingestion Capabilities
  • High Throughout and Low Latency ETL Capabilities

in support of both Batch and Real-Time Data Pipelines.

These pipelines can be built from Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data sources where the data is read once using "exactly once" semantics and written to many target systems simultaneously using distributed processing techniques.

In addition to these functional capabilities, Equalum provides a flexible deployment model that supports on-prem and multi-cloud environments in order to tailor your deployment to meet your company's specific requirements.

No Coding UI with Equalum Platform

The Equalum UI is entirely browser base so no other installation is required. The initial landing page provides a dashboard of the cluster. The dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the health of your system. The layout is designed the way a user would configure their data pipelines:

  • Sources on the left
  • Targets on the right
  • Flow Executions on the Middle Right
  • Flows on Middle Left

Exploring the Equalum Launchpad Menu

On the far left hand side, the user has a Launchpad to quickly access various items in the systems.

  • Get Per Node views
  • Source Management Views
  • Agent Management Views (each agent running within the cluster and each source running within that agent)
  • Flow Management View (view and access each of the flows that have been defined in the system, filter by tags, names of flows, version details, etc)

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