VIDEO | Monitoring and Alerting Made Easy with Equalum

by Caroline Maier

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August 25, 2020 6:57am


When implementing any new technology one of the major challenges faced is how to monitor the new technology and, even more critical, how to set up alerts when things go wrong. This can be especially true when moving to real-time streaming of data using Change Data Capture (CDC). Equalum has overcome those challenges by including pre-configured monitoring and alerting systems built into the platform.

In our Dashboard, view information about the cluster, how many nodes are available, how many agents are available, CPU and memory utilization, storage utilization, average CPU load, memory utilization and more.

When you look at Sources and Targets, you see graphs monitoring information for each element. Examine events read, events written and actual execution being used in addition to the status of each component (active, paused, pending, error).

In the Flows section, see which flows are active, streaming flows, inactive or in error. The same applies to batch. You can then dive deeper when more information is needed into things like Cluster Information and all that fuels it underneath.

Check out this inside look at the Equalum to see the power of this dynamic, end to end data ingestion platform.

Check out our eBook "6 Principles of Modern, Multi-Modal Change Data Capture" by Equalum and EMA Research


Monitoring and Alerting Made Easy with Equalum

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