VIDEO | Cloud Data Migration from Legacy Data Platforms to Snowflake with Equalum

by Caroline Maier

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June 01, 2020 8:55am


Equalum is proud to partner with Snowflake to provide modern data ingestion and modern data lake solutions to our customers.

As we look to the future, the volume and velocity of data being produced by organizations is not slowing but rapidly increasing. Social media engagements, changes to your CRM, sensor data captured on location, online activity and sales tracking all mean more information being pushed into your data architecture.

If you are still operating on legacy systems, you may be combating longer load times, operational systems shutdowns as a result of lengthy batch processes and lost business opportunities as a result. Imagine if what you are running in 4 hours could be run in 4 minutes.

Being able to make informed business decisions based on real-time insights is critical to not only staying competitive, but leading the pack. It’s critical to embrace the concept that data is the new "oil" of business.

Equalum's Office Hours Series took a look the power of our Modern Data Ingestion Platform paired with a modern Data Lake - like Snowflake. We show you how these two dynamic platforms connect, what they can do for your Data Architecture, and give you an inside look at our no-code UI.

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VIDEO | Cloud Data Migration from Legacy Data Platforms to Snowflake with Equalum | Office Hours

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