Three Sessions Not To Miss at Strata Data Conference 2018

by Equalum

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August 14, 2018 6:06am


It’s that time of year again.

From September 11-13, 2018, thousands of exhibitors and participants will crowd into the shimmering Javits Center in New York City to learn about the latest big data trends at the Strata Data Conference Conference.

Attending Strata for the first time is exhilarating – and overwhelming. Strata sessions span the gamut from high-level executive overviews to extremely technical tutorials. The range and variety of content can be dizzying for first-time attendees.

So we’ve distilled the hundreds of sessions into a few highlights across a few major categories. Come join Equalum at Strata (we're at booth #1306), and make sure not to miss these sessions while you’re there.

If you’re looking for: the big picture

Session: Architectural Principles for Building Trusted, Real-Time, Distributed IoT Systems
Speaker: Dan Harple (Founder and CEO, Context Labs)
Ideal for CIO, CTO, VP Engineering
Why Attend: Harple, the legendary innovator and serial entrepreneur whose pioneering contributions include Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming technology, collaboration tools, and big data, has a lot to say. This session offers design principles and strategies for distributed data systems in a world where: a) risk management drives the need for accurate data and robust security b) customer preferences are dynamic, driven by multiple economic and social impact factors; and c) different digital parties must share the same context in order to deliver optimal outcomes at scale. Harple will share case studies and offer a “starter kit” of design requirements for organizations at the early end of the maturity curve.

If you’re looking for: practical tips and tricks

Sesssion: Understanding Spark tuning with auto-tuning; or, Magical spells to stop your pager going off at 2:00am
Speakers: Holden Karau (Developer Advocate, Google), Rachel Warren (Data Scientist, Salesforce Einstein), Anya Bida (SRE, Salesforce)
Ideal for: Big data engineer, engineering manager
Why Attend: Any engineer or technical leader who has worked with Apache Spark knows that the open-source framework offers tremendous raw power and scalability. But it also demands careful optimization, or “tuning,” or in order to achieve maximum performance – a pitfall for many organizations undertaking their own open-source implementations. This session brings together seasoned engineering talent from Google and Salesforce to share pragmatic strategies for getting the most out of Spark performance with auto-tuning.

If you’re looking for: inspiration

Session: Data @ Netflix – What’s Next
Speaker: Michelle Ufford (Engineering Manager, Data Platform Architecture Core @ Netflix)
Ideal for: All
Why: Netflix’s mastery of big data is well known, exemplified by everything from its bufferless streaming capabilities to its wildly successful, data mining-driven bet on original content like House of Cards. In this session, Ufford – who leads the Data Platform Architecture Core team at Netflix – will share insights from the company’s roadmap. Key themes will include workflow orchestration, machine learning, interactive notebooks, centralized alerting, event-based processing, and platform intelligence. The session will interest not only other companies in the media and streaming content space, but technical leaders across industries (including retail, financial services, and manufacturing) looking to increase the scalability of their data platforms.

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