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by Caroline Maier

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June 12, 2021 11:03am


Equalum CEO Nir Livneh and panelists on the DM Radio Show discussed the many excuses often presented when organizations try to drive innovation and modernization in their legacy data architectures. In a few words "No" or "We Can't" can feel pervasive.

Enabling teams to point and shoot at data sources with a no-code UI, accessing data with ease and speed versus 3 sprints to arrive at just one of the final deliverables means faster time to business results, and new revenue streams. In this excerpt from the Live Discussion on DM Radio, panelists explore the idea that Equalum is an "excuse cleaning machine" for both enterprise and mid-market companies alike who are often risk averse when facing change, especially with legacy data architectures. Equalum's team of experienced data architects and engineers have seen over 1,500 customers over time with hands-on implementations and very similar excuses for why they can't innovate (aka: they are highly risk averse):

  • "Don't touch my systems"
  • "Don't connect to my..."
  • "We will have Security issues..."

...and the list goes on.

Equalum's founding team realized that these excuses were ultimately an engineering problem more than anything else. They knew the way to prove their theory was to demonstrate value to an organization within a short period of time, showing that innovation in a data architecture, and modernizing from legacy systems was possible within a painless week or two versus vs expensive HR investments and multiple tools. The key - a no-code UI, open source framework and end to end data ingestion platform like Equalum.

How do you make a monster organization move quickly?

One of Equalum's first customers was General Electric. The notion was, can Equalum go into GE and generate value within a week or two? Can we pull data from the source without negatively impacting the source systems and day to day operations? The answer was yes...and then some. Within a few short weeks, Equalum was able to streamline and modernize the data ingestion system and generate value through real time business insights.

With our powerful end to end data integration platform, Equalum has powered systemic change in data integration and ingestion for high profile customers like GSK, Walmart, Warner Brothers and more. Organizations steeped in legacy solutions and an often risk averse culture have been able to drive new revenue streams, rapidly onboard Equalum's no-code UI, and scale the platform quickly to drive a streaming, modern data architecture.

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