VIDEO | Streaming Data Replication Made Easy Using Equalum Replication Groups

by Caroline Maier

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June 24, 2020 5:00am


Equalum Replication Groups represent a concept in the Equalum Data Ingestion platform that enables the specific use case of data replication.

Equalum capabilities combine streaming and batch data replication with data transformations and manipulations. We differentiate data replication from data transformation by the way the data is handled in Equalum.

Regardless of the combined replication and transformation capabilities of Equalum, when using Replication Groups, the goal of the user usually is to replicate a large number of objects rather than complex transformations pipeline (we call pipelines "flows").

Equalum Replication Groups provide:

  • Automation: Automated creation of all required objects for replication (Stream, Flow...)
  • Monitoring: Monitoring of a replication objects, it would usually be table to table/set of tables (filter based) or database to database
  • Data Accuracy: Accurate data types, we need to provide known and precise support for data types. For example int from SQL Server should be created as number(10) in Oracle
  • Schema Evolution: Full support for schema evolution in an automated manner with options for the user to determine how he/she wants to propagate schema change. For example, Equalum users should be able to automate the propagation of create table, add column and drop column.

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Equalum Replication Groups for Batch and Streaming Data Replication

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