Value of An Integrated Platform | Streaming & Batch Ingestion, CDC Replication, and ETL in One Tool

by Nir Livneh

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November 06, 2020 11:21am


Data Architectures used to be built in pieces in a traditional evolution as needs arose. Batch processes were on the front end of the spectrum, developed by your internal team, or purchased by an outside vendor. You then would put those processes into a scheduler, additional costs were incurred and support was needed.

Often, the need for Change Data Capture Replication came next, bringing with it additional costs once more and additional support.

As data volumes grew, companies realized there was more than just database work with files coming into the ingestion pipeline. ETL was needed to perform transformations on these new pools of data, often coming into the architecture as yet another tool with more costs and more support.

In last ten years, streaming has also come into play as a necessary component of data architectures. With the push to real time for competitive advantage and ROI, the need is clear. Many providers, as a result, push yet another tool to facilitate streamings.

Now you could be looking at:

  • 4 separate tools to accomplish Batch, Change Data Capture Replication, ETL and Real Time Streaming
  • 4 different support contracts and 4 different providers to contact
  • 4 different ways to monitor data
  • 4 different licensing costs
  • Endless complexity without one, integrated tool

Equalum is a new paragon as a single, integrated tool. The platform allows for end to end data ingestion platform with a no-code UI that facilitates real-time streaming ingestion, batch processing, Change Data Capture Replication and ETL. The integrated monitoring and alerting system across all platform components drives transparency, simplicity and 5x-15x improvement in productivity. One platform license also reduces cost significantly.

In this abbreviated platform demonstration, we briefly walk you through the following within Equalum:

  • Streaming Ingestion
  • Batch Ingestion
  • Bulk Replication Groups
  • Flow Canvas where multiple Operators can be used
  • JSON functions
  • Ability to write Java Programs and drop into the User Defined Function Directory for proprietary algorithms
  • No-code UI
  • Streaming Data from Oracle to Postgres
  • Performing Complex Transformations with a few clicks
  • Change Data Capture to Real Time Streams
  • Integrated monitoring and alerting across all components of the platform

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