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Equalum Runs the Most Scalable Data Pipelines for

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Deploy Change Data Capture (CDC)

The powerful alternative for continuous data replication

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Consolidate Data into Data Lakes

Accelerate consolidation from operational data sources into your data lake

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Improve Data Warehouse ETL

Increase data ingestion velocity and support new data sources

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Equalum Delivers

Infinite Speed and Scalability

Linearly scale your data pipelines to handle any volume and speed of data. Equalum harnesses the scalability of open-source data frameworks such as Apache Spark and Kafka to dramatically improve the performance of streaming and batch data processes. Organizations can increase data volumes while improving performance and minimizing system impact.

Comprehensive Data Replication with Advanced ETL-Like Operations

Support all your replication requirements with support for Change Data Capture (CDC), initial data capture, schema evolution, and batch pipelines. Add data transformation and manipulation capabilities to your replication pipeline, including data modifications, data computations, and correlation with other data sources.

Enterprise Grade

Manage and orchestrate all your data pipelines in a single data ingestion platform. Equalum supports the entire data ingestion development cycle from basic pipeline creation to massive operationalization. The platform provides comprehensive monitoring and execution metrics for all data pipelines in the system.

Equalum Simplicity with Zero-Coding

Develop and deploy all your pipelines from an easy to use, self-service UI.

Equalum Enterprise Architecture

An end-to-end solution for collecting, transforming, manipulating, and synchronizing data from any data source to any target.

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Equalum is a fully-managed, end-to-end data ingestion platform that provides streaming change data capture (CDC) and modern data transformation capabilities. Equalum intuitive UI radically simplifies the development and deployment of enterprise data pipelines.

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